These are not real Frequently Asked Questions because this website is too new to have gotten any yet. So here are some questions that I might imagine that you would ask.


  1. Are you 100% sure that every link matches that particular item.
  2. No. I have tried to use all the information that I had in my possession to match up each item to an item on my list. There were some items that I wasn't able to distingush between the two entries and I did not include those links, although those items are available from Please check the description of each item carefully before purchase. If you have any doubts about a particular item, please seek additional information before purchasing.


  3. Are you 100% sure that the information that you provide is 100% accurate for a particular anime entry.
  4. No. I have tried to use all the information sources that I could possibly find to make the information on each entry in my list as accurate as possible. One reason I present this information to the public, is to receive feedback and corrections to the information contained in this list. Feel free to provide me with any information that you might feel is relevant to this website. If you have any doubts about a description of a particular item, please seek additional information before purchasing.


  5. Where do you get your information from.
  6. Various sources, I have been tracking the Anime and Manga titles for several years now. I have been adding a little to the lists all the time, until they have grown quite huge. I collect my information from various sources, Previews the Comic Catalog, the Anime New Release Clearing House and various commercial and personal web sites.


  7. Why haven't we seen this list on the internet before.
  8. It was been posted in rec.arts.anime (when that newsgroup used to exsist) several times. Because of the large size of the post, I had to break it up into several smaller pieces and post it that way. I felt kind of bad because people had to paste it back together to get the whole thing and sometimes all the parts didn't reach each server, so people had to ask me to send them specific portions that they had missed. I haven't posted this information in the last 2 years because I had hoped to create a website where I could permantly store this information for everybody on the web to access. I had started to create the website and realized that I didn't have the necessary abilities to figure out how to create the website or the time (working too hard) to sit down and learn HTML (which really isn't that difficult). They only way to get it done, is to sit down and do it and the website looks pretty much the way I wanted it to look. I apologize to everybody who hates frames, but I don't think it is possible to achive the look that I wanted without using frames.


  9. Where are all the images, this is an anime website.
  10. You are absolutely right. I didn't want to use any images because I am trying to sell things and I didn't want to get in any kind of legal trouble by breaking any copyright laws. I am sure I could get permission to use images of the various anime and manga titles from the various companies that release these titles, but I don't think that it would actually add much to the site. Another reason is it takes long enough to download the large text files that this contains, I didn't want to slow things down further by adding lots ot images. Besides there are plenty of anime sites with lots of pretty pictures, the rare sites are the ones that give you lots of information.


  11. Why do you have such large text files, why don't you break them up.
  12. I left the files intact because that provides you the most versatility when dealing with the information contained in each file. I know it takes a long time to download these files, but they are not like image files, you can see the information flowing onto the screen and you know the files are loading. When the entire file is on the screen, you can do a search for a particular word. You don't need to know how I referenced a particular title, is it under A for All-Purpose, is it under C for Cat-Girl, or is it under N for Nuku-Nuku. If you want to save a copy of the list, just hit save once and you have the entire list, you don't have to worry that you skipped a letter and you don't have to piece it back together once you get it on your hard drive. And the most important reason, you just don't realize just how much anime and manga is out there until you see it in one big lump. The next time someone tells you that anime is just a fad, take the anime file saved in regular text (ASCII) mode. Open it in you Word Processor, format it so that it will print out neatly, completely filling up the page and show that person just how many anime titles are currently available. Most Word Processors can display the number of pages without you having to print out the entire document. I wouldn't recommend printing out this document unless you were going to a convention or something like that, where you wouldn't have access to your computer. This file is infinately more useful in it's electronic form than in its printed form. I hope that I can constantly update this file and give the most accurate information currently available, that why I put the Last Updated sticker so big and the very first thing that you see. If the files have not been updated in a while, feel free to e-mail me, just click on the AnimeMania logo. The website could work equally well with one large file upto 26 smaller alphabet files, I prefer the one large file, but I have also provided the same file in 3 parts for faster downloading. You can choose with one you prefer.


  13. Your website takes so long to read that my internet provider disconnected me from the internet. Online and Offline ordering.
  14. You could set your Web browser to check your mail every 10 minutes or so. This should keep you connected during long periods of inactivity. Also you can read large files offline, save the files as text (ASCII) which allows you to open them in most Word Processors (sometimes the files are too large for smaller Word Processors). You can also save the file as source, which maintains all of the links, this provides a way for you to order the titles without having to log onto the AnimeMania website. Before saving a file as text or source, you want to make sure that you are saving the right portion of the screen. Mouse click somewhere in the text that you want to save without clicking on a link. Then save, animetext and mangatext are the default filenames for the large lists of anime and manga titles, respectively. To properly use a file that is saved as source, it must be opened with your web browser, but you don't have to be online to view the document, you can take as long as you like to look at this document without incurring any online charges. You do however have to be online to successfully click on any of the links that occur in this document. If you decide that you want to order any of the items listed on the webpage, it is best to make a list of all the items you want before going online to order them. There is no need to go to my website, (although you can order the items from there as well), you just open the source file with your web browser, go online and now all the item links are active, just click on the item you want. This will open a new window that takes you to that particular item on the website where you can click on the box that puts that item in your shopping cart. If this is the only item that you want, you can go to the checkout and pay for your item. If you want additional items, just position the window so that you can easily switch between original list which is under the window and the window. Select the next item and that item pops up in the window ready for you to put in your shopping cart. After you have selected all the items that you want this way, just go to the checkout to pay for your items.


  15. How do you know that the link that I say is a particular item, is that item.
  16. The answer is, you don't. I have tried to use all the information that I had in my possession to match up each item to an item on my list. There were some items that I wasn't able to distingush between the two entries and I did not include those links, although those items are available from As I was going through each item several times to make sure that they are what I thought they were, I noticed that went through the trouble to update their anime selection many times, adding items that I had searched for earlier and couldn't find and adding additional information to items that were somewhat vague.


  17. Why do I maintain links to items that are discontinued, backordered or hard-to-find.
  18. There is one good reason to do this, closely monitors the number of hits they get to each item and also the keywords that people enter into their search engine. While searching for the items to add to this list, I have seen their inventory change to match the items that I was searching for. I have also seen them change the descriptions of items so that they became much clearer and more useful, the more I selected those particular items. is the largest online bookstore and their customer base is the entire world, if you show enough interest in those discontinued, backordered, or hard-to-find items, then will put the pressure on the manufacturers to re-issuse these items. Also, if they spot a trend, they will ask the manufacturers if they have other items that appeal to a similar audience and stock those as well. This is particularly true of import items like music CDs.



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