AnimeMania Live-Action Links

Lists of Live-Action Links

Ka Chun's HK Movie Links
List of Hong Kong Movie Links with descriptions.

Live-Action Search Engines

Hong Kong Cinema Database
Database of Hong Kong and Chinese movies in English.

Chinese Cinema Database
Database of Hong Kong and Chinese movies which is more complete in the Chinese version than in the English version.

Movieworld Hong Kong MovieBase
Database of Hong Kong movies in Chinese and English.

Sources of Live-Action News

Neptune Media
Online Japanese video store. Good Source of Japanese Entertainment news.

Interesting Commercial Live-Action Pages

Tai Seng Video
Asian Cinema Video Distibutor.

Asia Pulp Cinema
Central Park Media's Asian Cinema Video Distibuton.

Anime Crash
Asian Cinema Video Distibutor.

Live-Action Reviews

Movie Review Query Engine
General Review site with lots of Asian Cinema entries.

Hong Kong Film Critics
Review site of Asian Cinema in English and Chinese.

Japanese Cinema Reviews
Review site of Japanese Cinema in English.

Online Newsletters and Magazine

The Movie Shelf
Video clips, pictures and reviews.

Actor and Actress Pages

Jet Li Web Page
Jet Li Web Page


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